Saulkalne S

The dolomite extraction and processing company SAULKALNE S Ltd. was established in 1995 and is located in Saulkalne – the territory that has already from the beginning of the 20th century been known for its dolomite extraction and processing quarries and its lime production units in Latvia.

Preserving the best traditions of the production of building materials, in its first years of operation SAULKALNE S has been producing building lime and dolomite aggregates at the same time looking for new ways to produce the valuable dolomite stone in the products that would be necessary for the Latvian consumers.

In 1997, one of the concepts was carried out and the work of a new production unit of mineral fillers in SAULKALNE was initiated gaining the largest product realization amounts in the country. But the idea of producing dried and fractionated sand on its turn was implemented in 1999 by opening the production unit of quartz sand, and in 2001 starting to dry, crush and fraction the dolomite sand.

The company always makes sure that the production quality complies with the highest quality standards; therefore in 2004 the improvement of the dolomite aggregates’ production standards was set as the priority. As a result in 2005 a modern production unit of aggregates was opened in the KRANCIEMS quarry – the place of dolomite extraction. It produces high quality dolomite aggregates that comply with the standards of the European Union.

In 2006 by developing the idea of the expansion of the aggregates’ production the company commenced the extraction and production of aggregates in the RITUPES  quarry in Karsava district that allowed the company to offer high quality dolomite aggregates in the Latgalia region as well, and a new company in the SAULKALNE S group was established – SALENIEKU DOLOMITS Ltd.

In 2011, SAULKALNE S Ltd. started extraction of the sand in the production unit GRINVALDI, Malpils district, increasing the product range with washed sand and gravel aggregates.

SAULKALNE S always supports valuable proposals and puts effort into their implementation. Our clients – cooperation partners are making a major contribution to the development process of our company, because needs and expectations are those who promote not only the production of new, modern products, but also the introduction of high quality standards and improvement of work.